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His captivating screen presence and versatile performances could allow him to become this generation's Sydney Poitier.... One thing is certain, expect him to be labeled as one of the most exciting new actors to be detected by the Hollywood radar.

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For the past 20 years, Porter has been privileged to work on amazing projects from FOX, CBS, ABC, and many other



A MIRACLE BEFORE CHRISTMAS- Supporting/Producer p.g.a


GRACE POINT - Associate Producer

PEPPERMINT - Supporting




HOLLA Starring



CBS / Without A Trace - Guest-Star

CBS / Bones - Guest-Star

FOX / HOUSE MD - Guest-Star





THE MINT ON THE RUN - Phil Lienert











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Over the last five years of my life there have been many challenges. One was the fight for my life as my family, friends and I fought off stage 4 Cancer. I am now two years in remission after a stem cell transplant at UCLA. Many things changed in my philosophy of what is important in life. My circle became smaller but ever so stronger as I am able to pour more energy into relationships that mean the most to me. Many of these poems talk about that fight and what those who battled with me mean to me. You can also see a transition of a young boy turn into a grown man as I start to really search for my true meaning on earth. I always felt as though its to leave this place in a better way then when I entered. Even larger goals are in the balance as I continue to thrive as an artist and my voice starts to reach the masses.

choose your path

Choose Your Path' was written during the last three to four years of being in remission and is literally being published two weeks after Charles received the news that the cancer has returned. Making this title so much more compelling as Charles will once again try to grow from a life threatening challenge. During the years of medically and mentally being cancer free, Charles has climbed mountains, ran with the bulls and gotten engaged. Substantial changes in his mindset, actions and desires have taken place and Charles lays his private thoughts out for the world to see how he ended up on the path that he walks today. A path that no man has walked on before and one that no man will walk again.

Enjoying The Journey

In my second book, “Choose Your Path”, I talk about creating a unique journey through life. Learning from those who walked before us though never stepping directly in their tracks. I love to challenge myself along the way in life for with adversity one learns intimately of their weaknesses and more importantly of their strengths.
Getting my cancer into remission was no easy feat but it gave me and those around me proof that it was possible to do. So when I relapsed, which I’ve now done three times, my wife, family, friends and I believed that we could beat it again and again and again. Throughout life, it remains clear that choosing the right friends, doctors and most importantly, wife are key factors to my survival and overall happiness.
My family and bloodline are favor beyond belief. Both my father and mother came from modest beginnings and instilled in me values that I can stand by and pass on to future generations. Charles Sr. served in the U.S. Armed Forces for 25 years. Discipline, honesty and respect were coached daily. At times it was brutal to have a father who made every moment a teachable moment. Now, as a parent, I realize that his strictness was his love language and he was simply trying to protect me from and or prepare me for the pitfalls I would eventually encounter. Dorothy, my mother, a once model turned RN, was the yin to my dad’s yang. The epitome of flowing like water, Dorothy can make good out of any difficult situation. She was my first call from the emergency room the night Candice and I received the news of my possible diagnosis. My mom hopped on the first flight out to Los Angeles and never looked back. She never went back to Florida. She came out of retirement to help bring me back to life and through that challenge found life for herself in Los Angeles. Within two years of landing in L.A. she became one of the most sought-after private duty nurses in the field. Taking care of high-powered CEO’s, Academy Award winning actors and directors as well as past President’s wives. I had a front row seat on how to turn a tough situation into an opportunity to sharpen your skills and reinvent oneself.

08/21/2020 -

The Spirit Never Dies

On August 21, 2020 my father would have turned 75. He passed away in October of last year after a battle with Dementia. It was unexpected and painful but what I've experieced with him since his death is otherwordly. The last few years of my father's life I prepared myself for what was to come with a disease such as dementia. I knew that his memory would eventually fade to dust and I would not be what I once was in his mind. But what about the heart? Does the heart's love fade as the mind's memory?

01/08/2020 -

Fatherhood Has Changed Me

It may not make sense to you but it blows my mind. Maybe it is because of what happened within those 40 years and counting. Oh what fun there's been. Recently I had to restore my soul with love and kindness. I want to make sense of what I'm saying so please be patient. Having children and becoming a parent has been one of my greatest joys, if not the greatest joy of my life, as of yet. Each day I am brought into a life where everything is new. I get to relive past memories as I see myself clear as day in the actions, stares and emotions of my children. What will tomorrow bring?

05/23/2019 -

A House Becoming A Home

writer once said that my writing will suffer with the birth of a child. Well if you are fully engaged in parenting and still trying to maintain somewhat of a healthy sleeping order then I must conquer. It has been quite the year. A few years ago I became a certified personal trainer and coach. Since then I have added Behavioral Change Specialist to the resume and currently working on my Nutrition Certificate. I have traveled throughout the United States sharing my story with the hope of inspiring others. This past year my Personal Coaching business has flourished. My clients now range from five years old to seventy.



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